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Project of two 5-storey residential houses of small-family type

Nahimova Str., Ryazan


Photo 1 of 4.<br/>Economy class houses Photo 2 of 4.<br/>Minimization of costs, compliance with all design and construction standards Photo 3 of 4.<br/>Bearing walls constructed of multi-empty porous bricks, recommended and accepted by the leading specialists of CNIISK in the name of V.A. Kucherenko Photo 4 of 4.<br/>Implementation of the project in the shortest time possible

Facility features

  • Total area: 10086 m2
  • Number of flats: 210
  • Number of storeys: 5
  • Parking lot: 86 spots
  • Project executed in 2010

Customer : «"Kapital"» 2010year

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