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Fire safety measures

One of the most dangerous enemies of any construction site is fire. Unfortunately, no matter what technologies and materials are used, humanity has not yet found the universal means to resist it's devastating effect. That is why precautionary measures to prevent fire, as well as quickly and efficiently extinguish a fire that has arisen, must be taken on the design phase. Moreover, such measures are mandatory by the legislative requirements. Let’s have a look what can be done at the design phase to both prevent and extinguish a fire.

Specificity of design of fire safety measures

According to the requirements of the Russian legislation, any construction must be accompanied by fire safety provision. Herewith, such measures are taken at the design phase, and Rostechnadzor usually inspects such projects before the construction. High responsibility for drafting such documents requires the highest level of professionalism inherent in the specialists of our organization. They apply deep individual approach to each project, while drafting the following documents:

  • General characteristics of the system which provides fire safety of the facility.
  • Description of all engineering systems used to prevent and extinguish the fire and evacuate people in case of fire.
  • Detailed algorithm of actions in case of fire at the construction site.
  • Separate description of the system for the explosion prevention and actions in case it happens.

Additionally, a graphic part consisting of several drawings and plans is attached to the project. It includes the following documents:

  • Destination route for the fire brigade with the indication of the dimensions that must meet the requirements of Rostekhnadzor.
  • Drawing of a water supply system used at the construction site for extinguishing fires.
  • The location scheme of fire extinguishing means (fire shield, fire extinguishers, etc.)
  • Evacuation plan from the construction site in case of fire.

It should be added that, in almost every single case, while making such projects, an individual approach which heeds minor details relating to a particular facility is required. It particularly concerns hazardous industrial facilities (HIF). Therefore, professional approach is the best tool in the fight against one of the most dangerous and ruthless enemies of buildings and facilities.

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