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Design of administrative buildings

The architecture of administrative buildings should, on the one hand, attract attention, and on the other - be in harmony with the general architectural ensemble of the city. Administrative facilities should look aesthetically and respectably, as their design is meant to provide convenience to visitors and the employees of such institutions. The design institute "KapitalStroyProekt" designs administrative buildings in the style of "respectable functionality". It is laconic and effective architecture, comfortable layouts of rooms, spacious halls and stairs, and compliance with all fire safety standards.

When choosing the style of the architecture for the administrative building, we take into account the prevailing stylistics of the neighboring buildings, and also take into account the wishes and ideas of the customer. Thus, our project of the Pension Fund in Kolomna is designed in the style of Russian classicism, which was dictated by the specifics of the area under development in the historic part of this city. The building of the Pension Fund in Domodedovo, on the contrary, is designed in a modern style, which allows it to fit organically into the architecture of the area where the facility is being built.

While designing an administrative building, we stick to the following phases:

"KapitalStroyProekt" has developed a number of projects of public buildings, most of which have received a positive expert conclusion of the state expertise, and some have already been implemented both in Ryazan and in other cities of Ryazan and Moscow regions.

While designing an administrative building, we stick to the following phases:

  • analysis of the area under development, features of the landscape and surrounding architecture;
  • development of the concept of the building, based on the data obtained at the previous phase, and the customer's wishes;
  • design of the architectural solution of the administrative building;
  • design of technical solutions and utility systems;
  • development of the planning of premises project;
  • development of interior design.

Our customer can make his suggestions, comments and clarifications at each of these phases. Thus, our final results always meet the set goals.

At each of these phases our customer can make his suggestions, comments and clarifications. Thus, our final results always meet the set goals. We always heed the peculiarities of the use of administrative buildings, therefore, each of our projects includes: conference halls for meetings, archive rooms, customer services, convenient and spacious waiting lounges, premises for departments(staff), offices for the managers of the departments, utility and technical rooms, employees' lounges, etc. Administrative buildings designed by our company are being built in such cities as Ryazan, Kolomna, Domodedovo, Chekhov.