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Design of construction facilities is our essential mission

Reliable construction and design of buildings and facilities

The development of the building project is the most important stage in the process of its creation: the design sets the foundation of the safety of the structure, the convenience of its exploitation, the quality of the engineering communication systems, and so on. But, most importantly, a good and descriptive project is a tool that facilitates the construction process itself, becomes a sort of "score" in the symphony of the architecture.

The project institute "KapitalStroyProekt" is a creative team of professionals who have designed a number of buildings for various purposes both in Ryazan itself and in the territory of Ryazan and Moscow regions. Most of the buildings we designed are already built and put into operation. Many objects have received a favorable conclusion of the state expert review. Our mission is the building design, which is meant to decorate the architecture of our city and to give its residents modern residential houses and public buildings.

"KapitalStroyProekt" - architectural design of public buildings and structures

Such facilities of public use as schools, hospitals, state institutions, theaters should, on the one hand, harmonize with the architectural ensemble of the city, and on the other - meet its purpose and provide maximum convenience in the process of its operation. Our design institute takes into account all these aspects, providing an integrated approach to the design of each building.

Among our projects there are:

  • health infrastructure facilities: perinatal centers, obstetric buildings, children's hospitals, emergency medical clinics, complex polyclinics, etc .;
  • sports and recreation complexes (for the city and for recreation centers, with swimming pools, sports halls and arenas for competitions);
  • objects of culture and leisure;
  • schools and other educational institutions;
  • administrative buildings with client services, conference halls and special premises for archives.

In the process of construction design, we pay increased attention to details and always take the wishes and comments of our customers into account.

Design of real estate: residential and commercial facilities

Another important business area of our company is the design of residential and commercial construction projects. Our residential complexes and office buildings make the image of our city modern, harmoniously integrate new aesthetics into its architecture and become effective examples of modern architecture. Among our architectural developments we have new houses on Podgornaya Str. (the project was made in accordance with the complexity of local hydrological conditions); a wonderful residential complex on Shevchenko Str., Residential Complex on Lesoparkovaya Str. designed in the constructivism style and many others.