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Design of industrial buildings

The development of the project of an industrial facility is an exceptionally important task. An industrial building is not just a passive part of fixed assets, it is a facility at which production processes take place. Therefore, the whole process of output depends on its layout, on compliance with safety and labor standards, on the ability to maintain an optimal microclimate and other characteristics.

The company " KapitalStroyProekt " has considerable experience in the design of residential, public and industrial facilities. In our portfolio there are dozens of successfully implemented objects both in Ryazan city, in its region, and in Moscow region as well. You can order an industrial project: from one small workshop to a large complex production.

In the process of project development, we heed not only the features of the production process and the issues of rational work organization, but also the aesthetic component. The factory and factory buildings should look modern and beautiful both from the inside and from the outside. This is an integral part of the business reputation of the company and its corporate culture. Therefore, our projects are identified by stylish architectural solutions, the use of modern building materials and technologies, increased attention to the questions of an optimal working environment creation, and so on.

"KapitalStroyProekt". Professional design of residential and industrial buildings

Our company employs professionals who have achieved top level excellence in the areas of their specialization: the design of residential complexes, administrative buildings, public facilities, commercial buildings, industrial facilities.

If you order your project from us, you can be sure that our employees materialize your wishes in the best way possible.

Here you can order the design of industrial facilities in Moscow and Ryazan:

  • buildings with different number of storeys' (one-storey, low-rise and multi-storey);
  • different types of illumination (artificial, natural or combined lighting);
  • different temperature conditions (heated or unheated premises);
  • with different types of ventilation (natural, artificial or combined ventilation);
  • with various built-in technical support (with cranes or without).

We heed not only your vision and wishes, we also pay special attention to objective factors: geodetic and hydrological features of the area under development, legislative norms, fire safety requirements, standards in the field of labor protection and environment, etc. The project developed by our company is the basis for creating a successful business that will work effectively for decades.