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Design of cultural facilities and educational institutions

Palaces of Culture, concert halls, theaters are a special type of architectural facilities: they differ from other buildings. There is a bright aesthetic component, which emphasizes their role in fostering the culture of perception of beauty. Besides, there are special requirements for good acoustics and high level of safety. Therefore, the design of cultural and entertainment institutions puts forward increased demands on the designer. Our design office has repeatedly proved the high level of professionalism of its employees and their ability to create buildings with exquisite architecture.

The design of educational facilities is also an extremely important mission, and "KapitalStroyProekt" successfully designs facilities of that kind. Schools of modern type with cozy light classrooms and spacious halls are highly important components that form the desire to study, learn new things and acquire useful skills and knowledge. While designing schools, we pay special attention to meeting all the safety and health standards.

Design of Сultural Сenters. Memorable architecture and high functionality

When designing cultural facilities, a number of conditions should be taken into account:

  • their architecture should be spectacular and as close as possible to the purpose of the building;
  • concert halls should have good acoustics;
  • there should be a good view of the stage from any place in the concert hall;
  • the stage should be convenient and safe for the actors;
  • halls and corridors should be comfortable and spacious enough to avoid crowding;
  • close attention should be paid to fire safety requirements;
  • if the project of the palace of culture or a club provide for some sports infrastructure, the designer should make sure that the participants of diverse activities do not interfere with each other.

Our project company heeds these requirements as much as possible when developing projects for cultural facilities. A vivid example is our club project in Zimarovo village, which was successfully designed and built in 2009. The project includes a concert hall with good acoustics, a spacious bright hall, sports halls for training, as well as for competitions (with grandstands), a swimming pool, a gym, etc.

Design of educational institutions. Schools that inspire to study

Our design institute not only implements the design of new schools, but also develops the projects of reconstructions and extensions of existing educational facilities. We have developed a project of an annex to the school building in Alexander Nevsky city, that was successfully implemented in reality. We also designed a reconstruction project for a school in Muravlyanka village.

The joy of studying in modern bright buildings is an inexhaustible source of inspiration and enthusiasm!