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Design of residential houses and buildings

Development of a multi-storey residential building project is no less an important stage than its erection. The foundation of a comfortable life should be laid at no later than the design stage. The flats’ plannings are created , the common space is rationally organized, architectural solutions that please the eye are developed, the safety and constructive reliability of the building are ensured.

Our design institute has been designing residential and industrial buildings for many years. During this time, many of our projects have turned into beautiful architectural facilities. They decorated Ryazan and became cozy homes for hundreds of residents of our city.

If you appreciate the professional approach - order the design of residential buildings in "KapitalStroyProekt"!

Development of a residential building project as art

The development of a multi-storey residential building project is a difficult and complex process that has several aims at the same time:

  • create a structure that perfectly fits into the surrounding landscape or architectural ensemble of the city;
  • lay the foundation for the maximum convenience for both the residents of the complex and passers-by;
  • ensure the safety of the structure and compliance with all building codes and regulations;
  • ensure that the building's performance characteristics meet the European standards;
  • set a high level of comfort in both well-designed planning of apartments, and the project of the internal infrastructure.

Designing of multi-storey high-rise buildings and residential complexes, carried out by the team of our specialists, ensures the implementation of all tasks mentioned above. We have mastered the art of design developments, which are the best examples of modern architecture in our city.

Designing of apartment buildings: from idea to a detailed design

We provide an individual approach to each of our customers, take into account all the wishes and remarks. You come to us with the image of your future residential complex, and leave us with a detailed project.

We carry out both the design of multi-storey high-rise residential buildings and the development of projects for low-rise buildings. Our strong suit is to design monolith concrete buildings that comply with the latest trends in urban planning.

Design of multi-storey houses at reasonable prices

Our prices are formed not on the basis of our costs, but based on the concrete benefits that our customer will receive. You pay for the result, for the quality of the work done, for the benefit that our project will bring to you.

Design Institute "KapitalStroyProekt" - design of residential apartment buildings at a rational and fair price.