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Designing of health facilities and medical institutions

One of the most important directions of work of the design institute " KapitalStroyProekt " is the design of medical facilities. Health facilities require a special design approach: such complex specialized facilities are designed to restore health, and this requires greater demands on safety, ventilation of premises, the convenience of elevators and corridors (which should also be designed for the free movement of gurneys and wheelchairs), design and lighting.

Our design institute has extensive experience in design work for modern medical institutions. Most of our projects have already been implemented - the construction is finished and they are put into operation. Most of our projects of medical facilities obtained positive expert opinions.

"KapitalStroyProekt" - designing hospitals at the highest level

The design of buildings of medical institutions usually goes through several phases:

  • the concept of a medical center is being developed in close cooperation with the customer;
  • the number of buildings is determined and the design of basic technological solutions is carried out;
  • projects of departments, laboratories, administrative and auxiliary premises (household, technical and subsidiary) are being developed;
  • engineering networks and utilities are being designed;
  • interior design is being discussed.

At each stage of the project development, we take into account the customer's opinion. For the better understanding of the customer’s preferences, we assign a personal manager to each facility under design. While designing medical centers, understanding the smallest nuances of their work is especially important, so we heed the wishes and remarks of our customers.

While designing medical institutions we care about the health of the patients!

Receiving medical services in modern, light, comfortable and equipped with all necessary equipment medical centers is not a luxury, but a legal right of every citizen. Our design institute strives to make its own contribution to improving the quality of health-care in our city. In addition, "KapitalStroyProekt" carries out the design of medical centers in other cities as well.

Here are some of our successfully implemented projects:

  • the project of the Regional Perinatal Center, Ryazan city(the facility was built, put into operation, obtained a positive expert conclusion);
  • the project of the maternity ward (the Obstetric Housing of Novomichurinsky Central Regional Hospital of Inter-District Value, built and put into operation);
  • The project of a new annex to the radiology building of the Ryazan regional clinical Oncology Centre (the construction is completed, the object was put into operation, a positive expert conclusion obtained);
  • projects of complex polyclinics (Pavlovsky Posad City, Podolsk City), city clinical hospital (Ryazan City), children's city hospital (Zelenograd City).

New standards of health and medical care are the foundation of our projects of medical facilities!