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Design of sport facilities and structures

Project Institute "KapitalStroyProekt" is the author of numerous projects of physical training and health improvement complexes in the Moscow and Ryazan regions. Physical culture and sport are the guarantors of the happy future of the whole nation. That's the reason why we pay special attention to the design of sports facilities. Designing a physical training and health improvement complexe one shoul remember about modern spectacular architectural solution that serve as an additional factor that works to attract visitors. Bright spacious interiors that can motivate people to do sports are of great importance as well.

Our sports complexes perfectly fit into the surrounding architectural ensemble. Comfortable and functional, they are designed to meet all the safety requirements, but, most importantly, they are truly inspiring to do sports.

Design of sports facilities is responsible creative work

Where does the work on the project of the sports facility start? It starts with the discussion of it’s concept together with the customer. We heed everything: the individual wishes of the customer, the specificity of local landscape of the area under development, the features of the architecture of the surrounding buildings, the functional correspondence of the facility design and many other things.

Phases of work on the design of physical training and health improvement complexes:

  • development of the concept of a sports facility;
  • development of an architectural solution for a sports complex;
  • designing of technological solutions;
  • development of projects of the interior, gyms, swimming pools, ice rinks, etc .;
  • design of utilities, engineering networks, etc .;
  • designing of auxiliary premises (wardrobe, locker rooms, showers, utility rooms, etc.);
  • interior design of the physical training and health improvement complex.

At each of these phases, our customer can express his own wishes and make his own changes in the future project of the sports complex.

"KapitalStroyProekt": design of sports complexes of any kind

Our design institute has experience of working on the creation of sports facilities of various types and purposes. You can order:

  • design of sports pools;
  • design of ice rink or ice complex;
  • the project of a physical training and health improvement complex.

You can evaluate the level of our professionalism thanks to sports facilities that were successfully built according to our projects and put into operation. They are a two-storey physical training and health improvement complex "Leader" in Kasimov. Other sports complexes designed by our team are under construction now. They are located in FGBU "Arkhangelskoe", in Bronnitsy city, in Herzen sanatorium , and in "Senezh" rest house.